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Pets for Adoption and Adoption Applications

Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, and more.....

Thank you for your interest in our animals.  We have many varieties of animals in need of homes from feral cats waiting for farms or barn homes to kittens looking for indoor-only homes.  We do our very best to match the right animal for your home and lifestyle.  All companion animals, whether the ones that you currently own or one you adopt from us, should be spayed or neutered. 


While our shelter is not open to the public, our adoptable cats and kittens are located in the PETSMART in the Metroplex on Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  610-567-2933.  We staff the Adoption Center, where the cats live, until they are adopted, each evening, usually from 6 - 8pm on weeknights and from 12 - 3pm on weekends.  Our all-volunteer staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, assist you with completing an (click here on the yellow for on-line forms) Adoption Application For Cats,   Cat Foster   Dog Adoption    Dog Foster   Volunteer Form  or reviewing other animals that we have for adoption, and more.  Any information that you need that cannot be found through our volunteers, just call our main office at 610-539-8001.

Our shelter houses an average of 20-40 animals.  These animals consist, primarily, of cats either waiting to be altered or recovering from surgery from being altered.  We spay or neuter our cats, vaccinate for rabies and distemper, and test for feline leukemia and AIDS.  Young kittens are given only the basic vaccines, if of age, so that they may be placed in your home, instead of being raised in a shelter environment. 

PETFINDER.COM is the place to look for photos of many of our animals, especially the dogs and bunnies, as well as cats that may have special needs. 


See some of our pets that are available on "Petfinder"